Latest Plans


Hi, Folks,

   I'm planning on starting to produce Music Videos to post on YouTube.  I'm really excited about it and I'm looking forward to beginning soon.

   I'm planning to do cover songs first, beginning with some that I have played for a long time.  Then I'm contemplating trying my hand at covering a couple of recent blockbuster hits that have a positive message.  Eventually, I would like to make videos of some of my originals too.  Finally, I'm planning on doing some videos of me spontaneously creating music, on one of the following instruments: Piano, guitar, tenor recorder, timbale, and/or voice.

    I'm also planning to soon launch a Patreon page, where people can pledge a certain amount of money per month to support my efforts.

Advice Section thought for this post:

              So remember folks, if you're a musician or you do anything creative that's important to you:  If you go through a time where you haven't practiced in a while, don't worry about it or think,  "I'll never get back to where I was so forget it."  As someone who has had many "hiatuses" in my 61 years, I can tell you that it doesn't take long to get it back and make more progress.  Just keep on plugging away, and one day you'll realize, "Hey, I've caught up and gone ahead!"

Andrew Targoff


Hi, Everyone


Hi, Folks,

   I am so happy to add my latest recording, "Let's Get Away From It All,"  I hope you like it.

   The recording process was difficult for this one.  I wanted to fill most of the gaps between lines with either an instrumental or a vocal track.  I also needed to determine which parts of the song I wanted to add harmonies, and which I didn't.

   In other matters, I'm really glad to be on vacation.  I'm taking online courses in music business, and singing.  I'm soon going to be working on a few cover tunes with video to post on YouTube.  It should be fun producing.  I'm thinking of recording a few tunes with just me and an instrument, and then I'll try to get more elaborate with some other videos.


Hi, and Welcome!


Hello, Fans and Followers,

I am really excited to be embarking on this endeavor.  When I was younger, it was impossible for an independent musician to get his or her music heard without getting signed by a label.  Now I am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity to self-publish my music and get it heard by people all over the world.

Things are just getting rolling now, and I will be adding songs and posts as often as I can, and I will be building up the web content.

Thanks for visiting my new website and have a great day!

Andy Targoff